Monday, March 28, 2011

Jungle 2 Jungle

"There's something about a teenage boy wearing nothing but a loincloth that just feels right." This may have been one of the many thoughts running through the minds of the creators of Jungle 2 Jungle. I mean how else could they swing a 13(?)-year-old bearing just about everything on the big screen for an hour and 45 minutes?
To be fair, the wardrobe did fit in the context of the movie, but I think that loincloth could have a been a bit bigger. Eh what am I saying, I'm not complaining. Mimi-Siku is strutting his stuff around the streets of New York City and no public indecency laws are going to stop him.
Tim Allen, better known as "The Toolman",needs to go to South America to finalize a divorce with his soon-to-be ex-wife. Toolman is looking to marry another soon-to-be ex-wife back in the good ol' U.S. of A.
But when The Toolman reaches the beaches of South America he is in for a rude awakening. And no, not the type of rude awakening that happens when you find yourself on the roof of a flat bed truck with your feet chained together. Oh, Tuesday. And it's not like this type of rude awakening. Maybe because Toolman is not actually waking up at all and I'm just speaking in a metaphor. Who knows?
Toolman discovers that he has a teenage son who he does not have much in common with. His son, Mimi-Siku, is on the verge of becoming a man by his tribe's standards, but in the Toolman's world, Mimi-Siku is just a kid who could use a pair of blue jeans.
When Mimi completes the rite of passage for his tribe he officially becomes a man. Since The Toolman said he would take Mimi back to New York City with him when he was a man, Mimi thinks that time is now. Miscommunication is fun!
So now the Toolman has to bring back his son to the States, but the thing is that his son does not know anything about U.S. culture. Silly goose. Mimi wants to bring back some of the fire from the Statue of Liberty to his tribe, but he doesn't know that it's not real fire. Duh Mimi-Siku.
He actually climbs out of Lady Liberty's head to get a better look at her torch. I guess they don't have many safety standards in South America. I enjoy this scene because it is so real. He definitely did climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, no way it's just a sad attempt at using a green screne. (BONUS: That video has some fantastic loincloth shots as well)
There is also a touch a graphic violence in this film that one doesn't see much of in kid's movies. John Rambo who? Everyone loves a good pigeon murder, right?
There is also a classic forbidden love interest for Mimi and plenty of spiders used as weapons. Fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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